IRISH SEA 2050 and OUR ROLE in

Climate Change Act The act commits the UK to reducing emissions by at least 80% in 2050 from 1990 levels.

Paris 2015 Agreement

Governments have signalled an end to the fossil fuel era, committing for the first time to a universal agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions and to avoid the most dangerous effects of climate change.

This website holds details of:-

(1) the Irish Sea 2050 conference held in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, June 2015  which developed the themes associated with our regions flood risk from climate change and

(2) information related to the transition and adaptation journey we must make and in particular the special opportunities we have from our coasts tidal range where coastal flood defences and tidal energy supply can integrated to provide and combine clean sustainable energy with coastal protection and in the process transform the socio economics of our coastal communities.