Barry Griffiths

Towyn and Kinmel Bay Town Council

Kinmel Bay Ward Thursday 4 May 2017

Since my election to Town Council last June I clearly see we need a plan to focus priorities for our whole community, otherwise we pull in party directions and get nowhere. Abergele Council involved residents across all interests in a community plan developed through an inclusive and open process.

Once adopted such a plan would help to guide our future development along considered lines and would also require council compliance with the Well-being of Future Generations Act looking to create equality and cohesion in our communities.

I believe in social justice and will defend it. I will continue to do my best to resolve and represent your concerns and ideas and as an independent I work in the whole council for our community. We are too small for party politics; we can’t afford for good ideas and efforts to be wasted by in-fighting and it does happen.

Your councillors must be sufficiently experienced and capable of applying convincing oral argument and written substance in support of community interest and you have to decide who can best do that on your behalf.

I commend independent County Councillors Dr Stuart Anderson and Bill Darwin for re-election to Town and County positions; I know by working with them that they are experienced, dedicated and work tirelessly for us and will help take Kinmel Bay forward; please do vote for Stuart Anderson and Bill Darwin on May 4.

This document started as my election flyer but since there are matching numbers of 10 candidates for the 10 Kinmel Bay positions there will not be a town council election so this becomes my report to residents, I hope you approve, please let me know.

I realise flood risk is not a vote winning topic but I’m afraid it is a reality with climate change, despite a mild winter. As senior flood warden I write and host a community website (google “Kinmel Bay Flood Plan”), please do visit the site and register with Floodline. If you registered some time ago, please re-register to help keep the database accurate and up to date; flood forecasting is greatly improving.

There are great future prospects and I work with Cllr Anderson towards Tidal Energy and coastal flood defence projects which would transform our infrastructure and economy and which are becoming more likely following parliamentary acceptance of the Hendy review to which we both made written submissions. Our community and its councils need a clear strong voice on renewable energy and coastal protection.

I help Cllr Bill Darwin in his work for the Y Morfa community sports centre and I am a volunteer business mentor with Young Enterprise an organisation that in my project prepares disabled young people for the world of work. Bill and I are members of Sandy Cove residents association attempting to resolve historic infrastructure and flood risk issues.

My wife Lynda and I are grandparents and have lived in Kinmel Bay over 30 years; we attend St Mary’s Towyn. I am an engineer, started my own business, have a Master’s degree. I have also experienced redundancy and unemployment. I am a school governor, beekeeper, and like you I highly value our environment.

Diolch yn Fawr, thank you,

Any questions please do contact me.

Cllr Barry Griffiths M.Sc.

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