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The LeaksSuite website is a busy place, frequently visited by thousands of users from all over the world and the site is continually expanding. The site contains comprehensive navigation features and web links so visitors can quickly find the information they need in their global water conservation functions. LeaksSuite makes easily and freely available many leading papers, articles and presentations of the latest approaches to water leakage and pressure management; a central core of leading industrial and academic advisors approve content and the websites media archive holds a correspondingly large and expanding number of tables, text and image files.

The website is built on WordPress open source software and contains various apps to manage tables, images, PDF and other document files; backup routines, analytics data, social media, theme, etc. and the sites apps and WP versions are maintained up to date, the site is also combed for referral spam and efforts are made to minimise robot spam through page links structure and contact form measures.

With growing content it remains important to present visitors with a fast search response not delayed by accumulating and essential media archive so saving papers and presentations is largely a case of using web optimised PDF files and embedded tables and JPEG type images unless created using on-line apps (tables with links). All the above details are presented through the internet and accessed by user selected web browsers and these vary in configuration control, age, focus and capability; this means visitors using different browsers may experience different quality in terms of speed or image resolution.

The above images compare an enlarged small section of the LeaksSuite Concepts page as viewed on the left through Internet Explorer 11 and on the right via the browser Firefox. In both cases the page is set up to open the table in a separate window by clicking on the table if required which returns the table in a clear and larger media format in both cases. An iPad using Safari browser delivers clear content and there are optional Apple compatible browsers like Firefox. We can only assume visitors are using browsers and technology combinations which meet their overall needs and offer these observations just in case visitors to LeaksSuite are experiencing problems which an alternative browser may overcome.

17 Aug 2017

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