Coastal Protection and Tidal Energy

Renewable Energy and Flood Protection

There are Options

The big agenda of our time links many of the most challenging themes of Flood protection, Climate change, renewable energy, carbon reduction, and merges these along with energy security, our communities and economy in an action plan that could transform our North Wales communities. There are technology options and work being done to arrive at the optimum approach.

Our beautiful coast has a large and predictable tidal range but un-predictable weather patterns and increasing flood risk. Off shore impoundment installations containing tidal energy turbines would offer the prospect of sustainable tidal energy and coastal flood protection. Such geographic opportunities are rare and our flood risk and associated economic misfortune contain the prospect of prosperity and environmental stability.

Flood risk communities tend to be less affluent with lower value properties and lower income communities; reduce the flood risk and the community can flourish; reduce the flood risk by adopting renewable energy and contribute to global sustainably.