IS-2050 Conference Electric Mountain


Electric Mountain – About Pumped Storage

The Maritime Conference is about Meeting the Challenges of Coastal and Marine Adaptation, sustainable and renewable tidal energy and climate change adaptation so visiting the North Wales hydro-electricity scheme is an appropriate example engineering scale and project management. Pumped storage works on a very simple principle. Two reservoirs at different altitudes are required. When the water is released, from the upper reservoir, energy is created by the down-flow which is directed through high-pressure shafts, linked to turbines. In turn, the turbines power the generators to create electricity.

Water is pumped back to the upper reservoir by linking a pump shaft to the turbine shaft, using a motor to drive the pump. The pump motors are powered by electricity from the National Grid – the process usually takes place overnight when national electricity demand is at its lowest

A dynamic response – Dinorwig’s six generating units can achieve maximum output, from zero, within 16 seconds. Pump storage generation offers a critical back-up facility during periods of excessive demand on the national grid system.


Dinorwig Power Plant