Scoping of low environmental impact

high-flow tidal range schemes

In accordance with Building Information Modelling principles, this discussion is organised under the headings of People, Places and Technology.

The conceptual context for the future planning and design of tidal range schemes whereby it would be appreciated if the entry could be judged is summarised in the following two diagrams:

is2050 s2

is 2050 s 1

Important issues that it is hoped will become clear on reading through these pages can usefully be related back to the above diagrams.  Note the paired items at the top of each of these. This indicates innately close relationships recognised from the outset of the quest implied in the title.  Thus in the top diagram, paradoxically prospects for the lowest environmental impact are found when energy extraction potential is maximised.  The second diagram illustrates how much has also been learnt by careful  re-analysis of the findings at La Rance.   However, thought experiments based on properly framed reference to familiar one-way hydro project planning can also be of pivotal usefulness.