Flooding and Climate Change

North Wales Coastal Defences

Community Flood Resilience

Despite all the effort and coordination floods are going to happen and flood risk blights communities with few job prospects (who builds a business in flood risk) low value property and constant insecurity. People living in flood risk areas include higher proportions on lower income, disabled and elderly – the most vulnerable in our society and in the process creating ghetto areas that reflect in matters like democratic representation, social cost, crime and children’s attainment.

It appears unlikely that conventional coastal flood prevention measures will ever be adequate; even the authorities declare future flooding is inevitable http://your-biz.org/not-if-but-when/ and as we see undeniable evidence of flood probability increasing http://your-biz.org/high-tide/

Adaptation to climate change includes flood prevention and flood resilience measures and these can have a substantial off-set effect where residents adopt measures from drain valves to re-build http://your-biz.org/flood-resilient-property-2/ and upper story refuge combined with appropriate measures can enable communities to more confidently face flood risk but there are substantial costs and in many cases the measures to existing property are impractical or unaffordable and certainly would not resist coastal erosion or loss of services.

Flood alerts and warnings are valuable and we do have amazing emergency services but emergency evacuation is the last chance and does little for addressing the core needs of deprived communities. Warnings may not be all that reliable because the environmental combinations of high tide, low pressure and strong on-shore winds can conspire quickly into unexpected emergences http://your-biz.org/towyn-floods/
On the bright side yesterday’s budget featured the Swansea bay tidal lagoon and here in North Wales there are efforts to create a similar structure where coastal flood defences are incorporated in a tidal energy scheme and such a resource could transform our area and a number of others around the UK where large tidal range and flood risk combine. A conference is being held in Conwy 12 June – The Irish Sea 2050 Conference where such schemes will feature in the programme.

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