Welsh Local Centre

We are working to form a Welsh Local Centre of the Royal Meteorological Society to start up in autumn 2015. We anticipate that the local centre will be a collaborative effort between individuals at Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff, and Swansea Universities. As a group we have diverse interests that include marine weather, climatology, micrometeorology, and extreme weather events. Public meetings are expected to be held 4 times a year with 3 meetings in south Wales and 1 meeting in north Wales.

We are planning towards having an active local centre which engages with the public to encourage interest and understanding of weather and weather related sciences. We anticipate that each university may act as a hub for public outreach activities. Outreach activities would be in addition to the public meetings to provide those with an interest in the weather to participate year round. We would like to encourage input from the public to hear of their interests and ideas as to how they feel that the Welsh Local Centre may increase their understanding of weather and weather related sciences. If you have an interest in weather or weather related sciences we would be very pleased to have you join our group. For further information please contact Patrick Timko at p.timko@bangor.ac.uk or pgtimko1@yahoo.ca