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Driving economic growth through business and university collaboration around the Irish Sea Rim

The lands surrounding and contained by the Irish Sea comprise a unique combination of interlinked communities and cultures. Some of Europe’s most beautiful environments are located in these Countries and Regions. The Republic of Ireland, The Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Wales, North West England and South West Scotland.

ISR Chester

Irish Sea Rim has been initiated to explore the potential for growth, innovation & collaboration around the Irish Sea, encompassing 2 nation states, 6 countries, and a wealth of public and private sector linkages. The Irish Sea Rim can drive socio-economic growth across national boundaries and develop regional excellence through increased collaboration and an integrated network that cross-cuts sectors. The Irish Sea Rim will operate as an umbrella organisation and portal for regional programmes, investment and projects to over 15m people. The Irish Sea Rim has the ability to develop as a regional economic counterbalance to London (centric) & the South East that is often quoted as dominating UK politics and its economy. This rational also spills over in the Republic of Ireland and this makes Ireland (south and north) as ideal partners within this network and framework.