Maren 2

Cardiff University and Maren 2

Marine Renewable Energy

The burning of fossil fuels by man produces a large amount of the carbon released into the atmosphere. The UK is committed to reducing carbon being released in to the atmosphere by 80% by 2050. The seas around the UK have the potential to provide a large amount of renewable energy through wind, wave and tidal power sources.

maren sponsors

MAREN2 is an interregional project co-financed by the Atlantic Area Transnational Programme and included in the 2007-2013 Atlantic Area (AA) Programme. Its main objective is to speed up the exploitation of the renewable energy potential of the marine and coastal environment and protecting, securing and enhancing its sustainability.

Cardiff University is Lead Partner of the Preparation Activity; carries out overall project management in the Management Activity; and employs the common project management staff.

MAREN 2 will help overcome the time lag between production and take-up of scientific research findings by focussing on stakeholder understanding. In this way it will help bridge the gap between availability of MRE innovation and implementation of initial schemes going into the water and producing energy. This will facilitate those stakeholders to comment on design requirements and join of the design process of MRE schemes.