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Peter Jones Managing Director


“Irish Sea 2050” provides excellent opportunities for local firms to create, develop and market innovative and technological solutions for energy generation.

At the same time coastal communities will need to manage the challenges from future rising sea levels due to climate change.

We support the view that these opportunities and challenges should be considered together and not in isolation. Indeed the development of technologies and techniques that provide multiple benefits could create a knowledge economy to export around the world.

Waterco Consultants have been working collaboratively with Utilities, Developers, Academic Institutions, major consultancies and other SMEs since 1998 and maintain a Marine Environment database which currently includes 80 organisations.

Our specialist hydraulic modellers and experienced civil engineering designers provide:  

·        Coastal defence breach assessment

·        Inundation modelling and flood risk and hazard mapping

·        Assessment of tidal energy generation potential.

·        Advection dispersion modelling for offshore structures

·        Cost benefit analysis