Irish Sea 2050 Sessions and Workshops

Speakers and workshop leaders have made the following presentations available, please acknowledge the author when referring to the presentations.

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Mark Bowler Conwy Borough Council Principal research & Information OfficerMark Bowler is Conwy CBC’s statistician. Formerly working for the North Wales Police Authority, he moved to Conwy in 2004 and has put population statistics at the heart of all general and regeneration planning, in the process contributing significantly to Conwy’s success in being the only Welsh County to attract major Vibrant & Viable Places grant funding for coastal regeneration.IS2050B
Athanosios Angeloudis
Prof. Roger Falconer
Cardiff University preliminary computer modelling of impoundment ideas on the N Wales coast. Plant design briefs for 2-way generation in tidal range schemes. With Dr. Hugh Hunt.IS2050E
Dave O’Sullivan M.Sc.,Biologist & environmental scientist worked with Marine Scotland from 2009-14, he now leads national and international collaborative work streams in the Marine Institute’s Advanced Technology Programme - e.g. the European STAMAR Project, showcasing technology applicable to maritime SME’s.IS2050G
Dr Hugh Hunt of Cambridge’s Engineering DeptDynamic systems data monitoring, and hands-on teaching methods. He has led several educational Channel 4 films on WW2 exploits (eg Barnes Wallis’ bouncing bomb and launching a replica Colditz glider) and is keen for Iorys Hughes’ 1940’s work on the Mulberry Harbours to get similar attention leading further towards tidal energy and coastal defence projects.IS2050J
Prof. Phil Leigh of Chester University Workshop with a sketch guide to his ‘Irish Sea Rim’ concept, with Dave O’Sullivan looking at how to foster practical inter-regional and transnational links.IS2050L
Prof. Rob Duck, is Dean of the School of the Environment at the University of Dundee. His research interests are in coasts & estuaries, and furthering public understanding of climate change. He is Chair of the Tay Estuary Forum & author of ‘This Shrinking Land: Climate Change and Britain’s Coasts’ and ‘On the Edge’, a new book about the history of Britain’s coastal railways. IS2050N
Prof. John ReynoldsJohn runs a North Wales based company that is acknowledged as the UK’s leading near surface geophysics consultancy, and with which he has led research in the UK and worldwide. He is a founding Director of the North Wales Tidal Energy and Coastal Protection Co Ltd, as such leading liaison with the SEACAMS bathymetry programme at Bangor.IS2050P
Christ WadeChris directs ‘The People and Places Partnership’, a company with origins in market towns that he has re-shaped to support a widening range of regeneration schemes across the UK, including Colwyn Bay’s. Alongside this he has 20 years’ experience in environmental management and rural affairs. IS2050R

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