Tidal Energy and Coastal Defences

One Coast – One Future

Cllr Dr Stuart Anderson on the North Wales Coast

 BBC UK Budget news 18 March 2015

Announcing the worlds first tidal energy lagoon project in the budget and for this to be located in Wales adds impetus to the already strong lobby for renewable, sustainable and predictable tidal energy schemes. In North Wales the tidal energy impoundments would feature coastal defences.

At the Atlantic Stakeholder Conference in Porto this year the subject of Ocean Literacy was addressed in break-out and its is interesting to note that project engineers for roll-out tidal energy schemes are probably still in primary school today. Tidal energy and flood defences will be addressed in the IS-2050 conference by distinguished speakers with relevant knowledge and experience.

Tidal energy programmes for the Irish Sea and globally are major infrastructure projects; it is possible that such installations will operate for 200 years and provide national energy security as well as coastal defences, connectivity improvements and socio economic regeneration for coastal communities.

The IS-2050 conference provides a focal point for all aspects of interest in Irish Sea matters.

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